Additional Services

Synthetic Polymer Sealants

These highly reflective sealants bond to the shell of your paint creating a coating that is longer-lasting and more durable than a traditional wax and offer 12-18 months of paint protection.
Headlight Restoration

Dull headlights can be hazardous. Headlight restoration offers an alternative to expensive replacements. Haze and oxidation is removed to restore clarity and brightness.
Trim Restoration

Time and sun can dull the trim of your interior. Modern products restore surfaces to their deep, black, wet-looking shine without leaving any greasy residue. Advanced polymer technology offers 6-12 months of protection.
Pet Hair Removal

Stubborn pet hair takes time and patience as well as proper tools to completely remove from modern carpets and fabrics in your vehicle.

Leather and Vinyl Nano Coatings

Treat your leather and vinyl interior to the same level of protection as your paint. Using products specifically formulated to resist stains, dirt, UV rays and jean dye transfer we ensure extreme protection with a soft-to-the-touch feel that lasts for years.
Fabric Protection

Life happens in your car; spills and stains can negatively affect the appearance of your vehicle as well as your joy and satisfaction while driving. Fabric protectant offers 6-18 months of durable water-repellency, anti-bacterial, anti- mold, and oil-based stain protection.
Ceramic Wheel Coatings

This coating protects your wheel from brake dust, road grime, and oil that can make tire cleaning a challenge. Ceramic wheel coatings allow for easy cleaning without harsh chemicals. 
Ceramic Trim Coatings

Ensure the longevity of your vehicle’s exterior trim, which is highly susceptible to sun-damage as well as damage from road debris and natural degradation brought on by time. You can expect two years of durability from a single application.

RV Detailing and Roof Repairs

Off Road Vehicles


Plane Detailing

Ceramic Coatings

 Ceramic coatings offer superior protection for your paint, trim, wheels, glass and even Leathers and upholstery. In appearance, they add a high-gloss, warm-looking, extremely slick hydrophobic finish while leaving your vehicle easy to clean.

The characteristics of ceramic coatings make bonded contaminants such as sap, tar, and hard-water spots easy to remove as well as ensuring the chemical resistance of your paint by adding a hard layer of 9h optically clear ceramic.

These nano-coatings offer extreme UV protection, which is one of the most damaging elements to your car’s paint in our hot San Diego climate.

When correctly applied it will provide 5+ years of protection.

 Ceramic coatings require proper preparation of the vehicle. This may include paint correction to lock in the flawless appearance of your car’s paint.

Contact us with questions or for a more specific quote.

Paint Correction

 This is the service our name and reputation is built on. Using the proper abrasive polishing technology, dual action polishers, technique and knowledge, paint defects such as swirls, scratches and hard etching are levelled out by abrading the clear coat surrounding the defects to restore a deep, glossy, reflective finish.

Paint correction restores neglected or damaged paint finishes to a smooth and brilliant gloss.

First, surface contaminants such as environmental fallout, tree sap, and bonded dirt are safely removed. Then, below-surface damage such as swirl marks, scratches, etching, oxidation, stains and blemishes are then addressed and corrected using a combination of tools, pads and products that are carefully chosen based on our extensive knowledge and experience. Once the paint is deep-cleaned we condition the paint with a polish that will restore a dramatic, brilliant shine. After the paint looks flawless, we apply a long-lasting, protective wax/sealant or coating to preserve the paint. The result is a finish that looks absolutely exceptional and one that is well-protected from the sun and other damaging effects of daily use.The paint is the most recognizable aspect of a car. It is the first impression and draws our attention.

We recommend installing a ceramic coating after paint correction to preserve the new finish for years to come


Our interior services completely rejuvenate your interior. This service ranges from the carpet, floor mats, and seats being spot cleaned, to thoroughly shampooing with a powerful hot water extractor that not only melts away stains and eliminates odors, but extracts (rinses) the dirt away. Leather seats and other leather surfaces are cleaned and conditioned to maintain their look and texture. All plastic and vinyl is thoroughly cleaned, then appropriately dressed to prevent cracking and fading. The dash is cleaned paying special attention to cleaning out all of the recessed areas of dust and grime. The result is a spotless, fresh interior that looks and smells new.

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